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AGDisplays is a subsidiary of the multimillion dollar company, AssetGenie Inc. AssetGenie, or AGI Group, is an industry leader in the distribution of computer spare parts, the manufacturing of sunlight and night vision display solutions. AGI Group is made up of AGDisplays, and two other subsidiaries:

AGParts is an industry leader in parts and repairs of mobile devices across brands and product categories. We provide complete parts management solutions and select repair services for many leading brands and models of Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops. AGParts also provides a turnkey parts management solution for large customers. Our advanced software keeps track of inventories and your usage and ensures timely replenishments and automated ordering to keep your repairs and servicing of mobile devices running smoothly.

AGiRepair has established itself as an industry leader in the repair of Apple devices and components, providing repairs for businesses and educational systems throughout the United States and Canada. As a full LCD repair facility, AG iRepair has the knowledge, equipment and materials to perform this highly specialized repair service successfully.