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Part 145 Repair Station

The Federal Aviation Administration has found AGDisplays in compliance with the requirements of the Code of Federal Regulations Title 14 Part 145 for Repair Stations. AGDisplays employs a Part 145 Limited Airframe, Limited Accessories rating.

AGDisplays performs maintenance and repairs to in-flight LCD panels in our facility in accordance with contract requirements. We employ Part 65 certified repairmen trained to inspect, repair, and approve airworthy LCD panels within the Repair Station's rating. We strive for excellent customer service and allow our high-level quality of workmanship to speak for itself. AGDisplays maintains a technical library with OEM specifications, traceability documents and other technical information. Contact AGDisplays for access to Operation Specifications and other literature. AGDisplays is progressive in amending our rating in order to expand our capabilities.

To utilize this service, contact us at sales@agdisplays.com.

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