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Industrial Repair

Benefits of AGDisplays' Repair Service
AGDisplays provides customers with quality resources for LCD repairs and replacements. Our 84,000 square foot facility utilizes two class 1000 clean rooms and resources approved in-house LCD parts to ensure quality repair.
  • We provide you with direct resources that allow for a low-cost, time-sensitive forecast.
  • We provide additional sourcing for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components, such as backlight assemblies, LEDs, etc.
  • AGDisplays is focused on refurbishing and repairing your LCDs; we specialize in providing cost-effective alternatives to LCD replacements.
  • AGDisplays replaces an LCD's stock polarizer to repair damaged screens; we can integrate films such as anti-reflective, anti-glare, and privacy films, for a cost-effective way to add valuable and useful features to your units.
  • Our services are not limited to repair; our experts possess core competencies in LCD redesign, rebuilds, diagnosis, enhancements, and field application.
  • Our International Procurement Office (IPO) in China verifies resources and quality of the companies we do business with; we have a secure list of trusted vendors with whom we maintain current business practices.

AGDisplays' Assurances
  • AGDisplays refurbishes your LCD with recycled LCD parts that are 100% tested.
  • We retain unrepairable LCD units in our long-term storage facility; we have a virtually limitless supply of LCDs to harvest quality parts from.
  • Our quality resources become available to you at an affordable price. We have a direct relationship with LCD distributors, providing our customers with the same resources.
  • We aim to extend the life of your product, to keep maintenance costs down and to work efficiently, all while working above a standard you are used to seeing with large corporations.
  • AGDisplays discusses custom display layouts with our Engineering Department, including unit dimensions and segment content; our technical experts redesign your panel for optimal functionality.
  • We perform a full diagnostic analysis for each repaired unit that can include the following: chromaticity analysis (color temperature), luminance analysis, polarizer absorption axis analysis, optical film stack analysis, pixel defect inspection, & uniformity analysis.
  • AGD utilizes access to End of Life (OEL) panels that may be out of reach for customers.

AGDisplays offers the following Repair Services...
  • Front Polarizer Replacement
  • Anti-glare (matte finish)
  • Clear (glossy finish)
  • Specialized AR film replacement
  • EMI Lamination Replacement
  • Backlight Assembly Repair
  • CCFL Backlight Replacement & Repair
  • LED Backlight Replacement & Repair
  • No Data Repair
  • VCC fuse replacement
  • Troubleshooting
  • Touchscreen Replacement
  • Touchscreen Controller Replacement
  • NVIS compliant backlight retrofits
  • Protective Film Laminations for protecting front polarizer
  • End of Life (Drop In Replacement) Redesign Services
  • LCD Parts Salvage

For more information, please contact us at 844-841-6851 or email repairs@agdisplays.com.

Repair Description
Drop-In Replacement AGDisplays assures its customers that panel cut-out and external dimensions fit properly, input and output wiring is identical and that no problems will arise when pairing a drop in replacement panel for existing units.
End of Life LCDs AGDisplays has the ability to source through overseas procurement channels, through OEM excess stock.
Touch Screen Replacement Touch screens can be replaced even if optically bonded.
EMI Shielding AGDisplays can replace EMI shields through our lamination services.
Film Lamination Passive and active enhancements for your LCD display with a wide selection of film enhancements.
NVIS Repairs Integrate a dual-mode Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS)-compliant backlighting assembly.
NVIS Retrofits and Redesign AGDisplays is able to retrofit NVIS-backlight / Redesign.
CCFL Backlight Replacement AGDisplays can replace existing CCFL assemblies.
Nonfunctional LCD Repair When no data displays onscreen, AGDisplays will troubleshoot and replace VCC fuse replacement.
LED Repair, Upgrade and Replacement Replace / upgrade your existing LED technology with high quality LED improvements, we replace and redesign CCFL and LED backlight assemblies.
Repolarization We can replace the stock polarizer to repair scratches and other damage.

Repairing instead of replacing an LCD can offer you a much lower cost and make your practices more environmentally sound.