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The market for touch screen capability is competitive. Consumers demand high performance, long LCD life, and low cost. AGDisplays employs a talented and knowledgeable team who has experience performing delicate integration procedures. Our enhancements are aimed to increase the durability and the functionality of your LCD panel in the environment it will be operating in. Our production team is constantly monitoring production development to be sure our processes are current. Having reliable and up-to-date equipment, processes, and experience needed for each type of integration service reduces fallout, downtime, and overall customer costs.

AGDisplays offers integration services to its customers utilizing our modern facilities that include the following equipment:
  • Multiple state-of-the-art Class 1,000+ clean rooms with integrated assembly lines
  • Team with 25+ years of Technician and Repair Experience
  • (2) Oven Chambers
  • Environmental Test Chamber
  • ESD Controlled Production Floor
  • Radiometer/Photometer
  • Laminating Equipment up to 46" LCD
  • LCD De-laminating Equipment
  • Universal LCD Test Equipment
Component integration may consist of multiple levels. AGDisplays can design an optical solution to produce your envisioned result and also integrate all the needed components. For integration services needed on projects that are already designed, AGDisplays can follow your predetermined specifications and produce the needed product in a timely and efficient manner. Using our multiple layered procurement strategies AGDisplays can often source your components and reduce the budgeted cost for your LCD related items as well. Alternatively, our team works side-by-side with you in order to customize your LCD solutions to build an LCD specialized to your design build.

Offering our multitude of LCD related, Value Added services, allows AGDisplays to meet nearly any LCD based need, resulting in a one stop shop for our customers. Reducing the amount of third-party suppliers offers easier communication, reliability, and freight cost reductions. Integration performed routinely at AGDisplays consists of, but is not limited to:
  • Touch Screen Integration
  • Touch Screen Controller Integration
  • LED Edge Lighting Backlight Integration
  • LED Direct Backlight Integration
  • LED Controller Integration
  • NVIS-Complaint Dual Backlight Solutions (Class A & B NVIS Filtering)
  • Custom Cabling Design And Integration
  • Vandal Shield Integration
  • LCD Installation Integration
  • Thermal Management Integration
  • Privacy Film Integration
  • EMI Shielding Integration
  • Shock Test LCD Ruggedization Integration
  • Passive Film Integration
  • Active Enhancement Integration
  • Chassis Component Integration