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AGDisplays provides lamination enhancements for industrial LCDs, LCD televisions, notebook and desktop LCDs. Lamination of a polarizer is the process of adjoining two or more like or unlike materials together. The primary purpose of integrating polarizer films is to improve display definition, color and to control how light is transmitted inside of an LCD. In the LCD Industry typical laminations can consist of optical polarizer laminations to the LCD glass surface or perhaps an anti-reflective film laminated to the top polarizer. AGDisplays employs three different types of polarizers: reflective, transflective or transmissive. An LCD stack configuration is determined by the lighting conditions your LCD will operate in.

Reflective polarizers are applied to the bottom layer of the LCD glass and reflect 100% of the ambient light that enters through the top layer of the glass. Transmissive polarizers allow the light from a backlight source to pass through the bottom and top layers, towards the user. In this instance, the backlight must be on for the display to be readable. Benefits of this polarizer are increased display brightness, reduced driving current and extended half-life of the backlight. Transflective polarizers allow display readability with the LCD backlight on or off. This polarizer reflects some ambient light passing through the front glass; at the same time, it uses the backlight source to pass through the glass.

Our products can be retrofitted into any LCD to increase the efficiency of existing visual technology. We maintain (3) state-of-the-art class 1000+ clean room facilities equipped with an automated laminating and temperature controlled de-laminating equipment. Our ability to laminate from 1.5"- 46" (diagonal) gives us the largest size capable current in today's US market.

Some of the benefits of integrating polarizers into your LCD:
  • Improved Display Contrast
  • Sunlight Readability
  • Light Transmission
  • Wider Viewing Angles
  • Surface Scratch Repair
  • Sanitation Coverage

Typically, our services forecast at 2-4 weeks, based on quantity and material. LCDs can be repolarized to return your scratched display to original form, and additional lamination services such as anti-reflective and anti-microbial properties, EMI protection, and LCD protection. With our lamination enhancements, you can be assured that your LCD is protected from surface scratches, acid-etching, and other particle contaminants. AGDisplays can replace damaged LCD screens that cannot be repaired by repolarization.

AGDisplays lamination list of enhancements:
  • Anti-Reflective (AR) Polarizers
  • LCD Polarizers
  • EMI Shielding
  • Specialty Films
  • DBEF Polarizers
  • Enhanced Specular Reflector Films

AGDisplays only has 3-5% fallout rate, so you know our repolarization processes are efficient. We achieve such a low percentage by keeping our calibration certificates current on all of our industry-standard equipment. We also take the time to employ final quality control testing on workmanship and data functionality on all LCDs leaving AGDisplays' facilities.