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AGDisplays services offer a one-stop solution for LCD refurbishment, logistics management and redeployment. Our facility is a leading provider of high volume and high quality LCD solutions. AGDisplays product engineers and designers work with customers personally to conceptualize and create a tangible and thorough product. At AGDisplays, we make a true commitment to help our customers reach their product goals as smoothly as possible. From the beginning, our engineers take into account your product and design specifications in order to meet your customized needs. Mechanical designs are created on a request-only basis, so you know that your design is in the hands of real technicians who are engineering a unique product.

Constant internal auditing and documenting are integrated into our supply chain management system; peer-monitoring allows little room for error and more room for technical improvement. Our internal custom software development has freed us from the limitations and restrictions of out-of-the-box software packages and allows us to explore new and better methods of managing inventory, sales, and purchasing trends. With our custom management systems, customers feel secure in our organization and reliability.

AGDisplays' Design Services provides solutions for all of the following:
  • NVIS-Compliant Engineering
  • LED Upgrading Design & Integration
  • Cover Glass Solutions
  • Optical LCD Design Engineering
  • Optical Bond Design
  • Advanced LCD Enhancement Knowledge & Capability
  • Custom Solution Design
  • Custom Touch Screen Design and Development
  • Rapid Prototype Deployment
  • Product Procurement Resource
  • State of the Art Facility with Metal Fabrication Capabilities
  • Advanced Project Progress Alerts
  • MIL-STD Capability
  • NEMA Capability
  • Product Serialization
  • Custom Cable Design
  • Full Life Cycle Support
  • Warranty Repair

What Support Can You Expect From AGDisplays?

AGDisplays understands the necessity of the involving the engineering team directly. With our engineering team collaborating to develop a unique panel design, you can be sure that they will attentively follow and exceed your quality specifications. If, however, you donít have specifications, our team works diligently to create a solution to meet your needs. Whether your display needs are based on keeping up with trends, a conflict with an existing display, or the need to generate a new display solution, AGDisplays commits to a systematic approach to engineer a solution.

AGDisplay-Certified Technicians provide you with a Scope of Work, to help define all processes and work that is required to successfully complete your project. We'll also provide, upon request, a component and material sourcing timeline forecast, so you always have an idea of when to expect your product.

Support also includes supplying datasheets, sending product demos, first article and engineering consultation. During our design and production process, a first article of the finalized product is submitted to you for approval. This means you get a hands-on experience with your product before it is moved to production and our team continues with completing your order. AGDisplays strives to help you work within your budget while providing you with quality and personal customer service/support. We configure and accomplish financial goals by generating a ROM (Rough Order of Magnitude) that creates an accurate estimate.

Let Our Strong Points Become Your Strong Points

Often the need for AGDisplays' Design Services arises from a client's innovative concept development, research exploration, ergonomics, and advancing technology. We find that asking the right questions help mitigate any issues as we walk through the design process. Our design process follows three distinguishable stages: product strategy, product formulation and product specification. Strategy is the beginning stage is when you, the customer, convey your needs to our design team; this is the stage when you define your product needs and associated functions. Formulation is second stage involves formulating a conceptual design based on a set of requirements. Lastly, the specification stage is concerned with the preparation for manufacturing.

Here are some questions/topics that may be discussed as you consult the AGDisplays engineering team:
  • "What adverse effects could arise from the components I've selected?"
  • "Are there better ways to achieve my end product than what I have used in the past?"
  • "What is the most current technology being implemented by my competitors?"
  • "How can I be sure that I am getting the best result for the money that I am spending?"
  • "Are any of my products end of life?"
If you can't answer all of the above questions, or haven't even explored them yet, then you surely will benefit from our hardware design experience AGDisplays has to offer. Feel free to contact us from the contact page with any questions you may have about our customizable services and solutions today!