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AGDisplays offers turn-key solutions for our customers who are looking for a one stop shop. Many of our customers find this service a reliable, convenient and hassle free way of getting a made to order panel. Our turnkey business is responsible for organizing the overall project and selling a complete solution.

A turnkey project could involve the following elements depending on its complexity:
  • Project Administration
  • Design and engineering services
  • Subcontracting
  • Management control
  • Procurement and expediting of materials
  • Materials controls
  • First Article approval
  • Inspection of final solutions prior to delivery
  • Shipment, transportation
  • Control of schedule and quality
  • Performance-guarantee testing
  • Inventorying spare-parts

We have managed complex projects involving an expertise which is not always available with a single firm. Our development team works closely with each client to make sure no detail is left out. Once we have a complete understanding of the customer's requirements we can provide a turnkey solution that fits.

Here is a list of items AGDisplays offer with our turn-key solutions.
  • Considerable experience and skill in panel selection
  • Development team that provides options based on budgets
  • Assistance from initial design through field startup
  • Focus on the total integrated system
  • Creative packaging and integration solutions for custom applications
  • Open and full enclosures or complete factory-assembled systems
  • Considerable experience and skill in panel enhancements
  • Can adhere to all U.S. industry standards and specifications
  • Experience and expertise in all major industries, applications, and environments
  • Experienced, highly trained technical staff, administrative support, engineering, production, assembly, and wiring personnel
  • Up-to-date technical and communication tools deployed to ensure a final delivery that's on time and on budget
  • Regular shipments to destinations around the world
  • Complete factory testing prior to shipment