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Medical, Marine, Transportation, Manufacturing and Finance, and the US Military all benefit from digital signage and rugged LCD integrations


Soldier with ruggedized, night vision compatible LCD for military industry


Ruggedizing and night vision compatible solutions and advancing military equipment to perform in the harshest environmental conditions, meeting military standards MIL-STD-3009, MIL-STD-810E and more.

Pilot controls in avionics helicopter with rugged LCD control panel and night vision compliant design


Rugged displays with night vision compliant options--designed for extreme environments. We handle customized specs and enhanced performance standards for non-flight-control electronics.

Commercial grade LCD displays and turnkey solutions on balance valve on-off gas production to sub-sea line on wellhead platform.


Find commercial-grade LCDs to fit your design. Add features to meet your specs. Units without warranties are eligible for repair services, even if the panels weren’t purchased with us.

IP rated and NEMA rated LCD displays on a marine boat, touchscreen control panel


Upgrade your technology to get clearer, brighter, wider viewability for your boating experience. Better user experience, rugged designs with low power consumption.

Large off the shelf digital signage display product in airport terminal


Flexible manufacturing helps you meet transportation needs with flawless LCD performance. We offer a comprehensive line of value add services and product management for the transportation industry.

Off the shelf medical displays with UL regulatory standards, CE, FCC-B certifications in surgery operating room


Medical grade LCD displays to meet quality and certification requirements. Panels are certified for safety & reliability in accordance with UL regulatory standards, CE, FCC-B certifications.

Large commercial off the shelf outdoor digital signage with high bright LED backlights for marketing industry


Increase your customer base and improve buying experience with touchscreen tables, multi-media kiosks and digital signage. We provide digital signage design for indoor and outdoor use.

Indoor and outdoor financial touchscreen kiosk for the banking industry


Ruggedizing solutions for indoor/outdoor financial kiosks. Film integrations, high bright enhancements and coverglass protection features.