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Soldier with ruggedized, night vision compatible LCD for military industry

Military Grade Displays and LCD Solutions

Created to meet military standards, AGDisplays provides ruggedizing and night vision compatible LCD solutions to perform in the harshest environmental conditions. Our solutions are easily integrated into existing LCD systems or are built into new military equipment projects. 

AGDisplays offers highly advanced LCD technology suitable for military environments. Military services include low power backlighting, high bright LEDs, NVIS compatible designs and rugged bonding integrations. 


Off the Shelf Military LCD Displays

Our line of rugged off the shelf displays fits the need for customers not requiring LCD design modifications to fit their project. Displays offer high bright and sunlight readability options for suitability in various lighting conditionsComplex features such as dimming brightness come available with many of our rugged displays. 

Military displays are built with ruggedized features such as chemically strengthened coverglass and secured with secure bonding adhesive. With these and other rugged features, displays can withstand shock and vibration without compromising usability.  


Night Vision (NVIS) Solutions

AGDisplays offers two customizable NVIS solutions for military TFT-LCDs. Whether the need to be compliant to MIL-STD-3009 or merely compatible with NVG equipment, we offer solutions tailored to accommodate your requirements and your existing LCD unit. 

Our dual mode backlighting solution involves integrating both high bright and class A or B light filters into the panel. This provides the option of using the panel in daylight mode and in night mode. Daylight readability is increased with the installation of our Generation 4 high bright LEDs, while night mode is ideal for use with night vision goggles. 

We also offer an NVIS filtering material for devices not looking for an active enhancement. This design is less robust and can quickly be installed. Enhancement is easily removed by AGDisplays technicians if LCD requires redesign. Consult with AGD experts to find which solution best fits your needs. 

Learn more about our dual-mode backlighting solutions that allows both NVIS-compatibility and high bright performance by contacting us today. Here are just some of the LCD services AGDisplays provides for your military or law enforcement equipment: 

  • Off the shelf military grade LCD displays
  • Custom or off the shelf rugged tablets & smartphones 
  • Touch screen integration 
  • 3 LCD bonding methods 
  • EMI shielding mesh 
  • Controller & cabling design 
  • Dead pixel inspection & certifications 
  • Chemically strengthened coverglass 
  • Military display kitting & assembly 
  • Enhancement film integrations 
  • Drop in LCD replacement on existing designs & equipment 
  • Certification of EOL panels 

 rugged military lcd display solutions pdf

To read more about the LCD enhancements available, review our Military Solutions ebook here

Military Grade LCD Tablets 

AGDisplays offers ruggedized smartphones and tablets for commercial and professional use. Smartphones have custom software and hardware configurations. Our rugged tablets are suitable for transportation, military and other industrial applications. From printed logos to factory mode testing, AGDisplays works hard to customize our rugged devices to meet industrial needs. 


Rugged Mobile Software Customizations

  • Splash screen customizations 
  • Part number modification 
  • Default setting options 
  • Pre-loaded applications 
  • Factory mode testing 
  • Google services 
  • Other software configurations upon request 


Rugged Mobile Hardware Customizations

  • Logo screen printing 
  • Rubber case options 
  • Plastics color – pantone options 
  • NFC/RFID capabilities 
  • System on chip (SOC) options 
  • Flexible operating systems 
  • SDK software 
  • RAM options 
  • COM port 
  • Camera flexibility 
  • Battery/power options 

To read more about our available rugged mobile devices and to review our selection, review our Custom Mobile Device ebook here. 


Additional Military Display & Tablet Resources

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Night vision NVIS LCD display

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Soldier using a rugged LCD display in computer laptop

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