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Large commercial off the shelf outdoor digital signage with high bright LED backlights for marketing industry


From video walls to touchscreen tables, you can never miss an opportunity to reach your customers. Our displays feature high definition, crisp images to wow users and on-lookers alike.

Increase your customer base and improve buying experience with touchscreen tables, multi-media kiosks and digital signage. Strategic kiosk placement and attractive advertisement will bring customers to you, increasing overall product exposure. Communicate message and alerts to team members, tourists or guests with public message boards; decrease wait times with self check-in terminals.

With limitless applications, AGDisplays offers a wide range of kiosks, smart tables and digital signage to effectively reach your customer. Find the right product for your business today! Here are just some of the LCD services AGDisplays provides for your marketing equipment:

Man touching commercial off the shelf LCD touchscreen display

Commercial Off the Shelf Products

AGDisplays offers hundreds of commercial off the shelf products for purchase. We focus on offering quality open and closed frame LCDs, tablets, and digital signage displays. Our selection expands into touchscreen tables, specialty displays, OLED displays, character modules and more.Read More...

Electromagnetic interference LCD display abstract

EMI Protection

Block electronic interference between your panel and surrounding equipment with easy integration solutions. Typical EMI solutions involve installing a metal box for protection; AGDisplays has several effective mesh solutions to avoid intruding on electrical components.Read More...

LED rails together in backlight array for LCD display

High Bright Integration

With an LED upgrade or brightness enhancing film integration, we easily increase panel brightness without having to replace your whole unit. Our high bright LED backlight solutions decrease power consumption and increase brightness output. Customizable to your panel requirements.Read More...

Technician repairing component or LCD display peripheral

Industrial Repairs

AGDisplays repair virtually all aspects of LCD technologies so that our customers do not have to replace whole units for minor repairs. We perform a full diagnostic analysis for each repaired unit to ensure quality assurance.Read More...

Abstract image of LCD lifecycle support and lifecycle management

Lifecycle Support

LCD lifecycle support is a service for customers who have panels in need of component replacement parts. AGDisplays follows strict supply chain practices and well-maintained databases that lead to ultimate quality and customer satisfaction.Read More...

LCD passive and active films, reflective film surface coating

Passive and Active Film Enhancement

Select from a variety of film enhancements to increase your LCD’s functionality and versatility. Our film products are retrofitted into any sized LCD.Read More...

Soldier using a rugged LCD display in computer laptop

OCA, Optical and Tape Bonding

We offer a full range of custom bonding solutions from non-invasive integrations to robust designs. These solutions improve LCD optics, increase strength and prevent screen shattering.Read More...