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Off the shelf medical displays with UL regulatory standards, CE, FCC-B certifications in surgery operating room

Medical Display and Kitting Assembly

AGDisplays works with customers looking for medical grade displays and solutions that are easy to integrate into virtually any engineering project, and we customize specifications to meet your requirements. We offer a full line of HMI, RadiologyEndoscopy & Surgical displays, as well as rugged mobile devices suitable for medical environments. Our capabilities provide quality solutions that enable extended product performance and lifecycle. We’re dedicated to serving as your reliable, long-term supplier. 

The Medical Industry may seem particularly challenging to accommodate LCD specifications. Medical needs call for high contrast, high resolution images in high-ambient-light environments (e.g., operating rooms, intensive care unit, emergency rooms, and more). When an LCD or touch screen is working correctly on our instrumentation, we may not think twice about it or notice it's even there. When our LCD or touch screen panel is failing impeding operations or access to data, we tend to notice right away. 

AGDisplays works with a variety of medical grade displays and projects, where we source displays and kitting peripherals, customize features to meet exact specifications, produce and assemble kitting designs and ship production to meet deadlines.  

Our LCD designs are assembled in our Pennsylvania-based headquarters; and our 124,000 square foot facility employs multiple Class 1000+ clean rooms for a controlled environment when performing precise manufacturing needs. Our facility accommodates low-volume prototypes to high-volume product. Customers benefit from the flexibility of our complex LCD-based designs and services. 

Our Medical Capabilities

  • Off the shelf medical grade LCD displays 
  • Custom or off the shelf rugged tablets & smartphones 
  • Touch sensor integration 
  • Quality control testing 
  • Protective cover glass supply 
  • Component kitting & assembly 
  • Bonding adhesive application 
  • Zero dead pixel inspection & documentation 
  • Electromagnetic protection & shielding 
  • Brightness & contrast enhancing film integration 
  • Controller & cabling design for equipment compatibility 
  • Drop in LCD replacement on existing designs & equipment 
  • Certification of EOL panels 

High Quality Medical Displays Features & Benefits 

  • Auto Luminance Stabilizer: delivers consistent viewing experience over display lifetime. 
  • High Bit LUT: ensures smooth tonal transitions, accurate mid-tone reproduction and improved border delineation. 
  • Uniformity Compensation: reduces differences in luminance distribution over panel 
  • Front Sensor: allows accurate grayscale calibrations and validations in accordance with DICOM Part 14 GSDF 
  • Hardware Calibration: precise, defined and loss-less reproduction, outperforming any results obtained by a simple software calibration. 
  • Self-Calibration: one-touch calibration and reporting of luminance, color temp, and gamma. OSD driven- no need to connect to a PC. 
  • DDC/CI: remotely adjust display parameters such as contrast, brightness, color adjustment, recall default, black level, backlight and auto image adjust. 
  • Ambient Sensor: display luminance adjusts automatically to ambient light conditions 
  • Adjustable Stands: height/swivel/tilt--optimize viewing angle in horizontal and vertical orientations. 
  • Fanless Design: reduce accumulation bacteria and dust inside the display 
  • Dynamic Scaling: ensures high fidelity, distortion free visualization and precise video/imaging representation regardless of native picture format. 
  • Product Quality Report: multi-stage QA process, ensuring compliance with industry standards like IEC60601-1, EMC, AAPM, JESRA and DIN 6868-157. 

Note: features & benefit are unique to each product. Features may vary from device to device. 


medical lcd solutions for assembly and kitting pdf


To read more about the LCD enhancements available and to review our selection of off the shelf displays, review our Medical Displays & Solutions ebook here.


Public Health Sanitizing Systems

Digital sanitization systems installed in your place of business promote sanitary conditions while building trust between your brand and your customers. Marketing messages captivate their attention while customers pause to cleanse their hands. Our Temperature Measurement and Hand Sanitizing Systems can be used in your place of employment for aid in disease prevention and control. Read more or view selection in our Public Health Digital Signage ebook here


Hand Sanitizing Systems

hand sanitizing system with hand sanitizer lcd

Designed for: 

  • Small Business Applications 
  • Hotels/Hospitality 
  • Retail & Grocery Settings 
  • Financial & Banking Institutions 
  • Museums and Parks 
  • Malls & Shopping Centers 
  • Subway & Transportation Stations 
  • Airport Terminals 
  • Doctor’s Offices & Outpatient Facilities 
  • Waiting Rooms & Show Rooms 

Key Features: 

  • Android 7.1 Operating System 
  • Rockchip RK3288 Quad-Core CPU 
  • 2/4GB DDR3 + 8/16GB Flash 
  • 802.11 b/g/n Internal Wifi 
  • 3G/WIFI/WLAN Network Connection 
  • Remote Management Software 
  • Portrait & Landscape Display Mode 
  • 1080P Display Output 
  • Auto – Dispenser 
  • Waterproof 
  • PCAP Touch Screen (optional) 
  • Battery (optional) 
  • 700nits High Brightness (optional) 
  • Camera (optional) 
  • Free Standing Bracket (optional) 


Contactless Temperature Monitor


                        instant read contactless thermometer smartphone

Designed For: 

  • Small Business Applications  
  • Hospitals & Institutions 
  • Factories & Offices 
  • Schools & Learning Facilities 
  • Distribution Centers 
  • Other Places With Heavy Traffic 


Key Features: 

  • Android 7.1 Operating System 
  • Up to 1 meter temperature detection distance 
  • Mounted, table stand; tall stand model with optional hand sanitizer dispenser 
  • RK3288 quad-core (optional RK3399 six-core, MSM8953 eight-core) CPU 
  • Ethernet and wireless (WIFI) connectivity 
  • Optional IC card reader, ID card 
  • Camera 2M pixels, binocular wide dynamic 
  • Resolution 800x1280 pixels 

Read more or view selection in our Public Health Digital Signage ebook here. 


Medical Grade LCD Tablets

AGDisplays offers ruggedized smartphones and tablets for commercial and professional use. Smartphones have custom software and hardware configurations. Our rugged tablets are suitable for transportation, medical and other industrial applications. From printed logos to factory mode testing, AGDisplays works hard to customize our rugged devices to meet industrial needs. 


Rugged Mobile Software Customizations

  • Splash screen customizations 
  • Part number modification 
  • Default setting options 
  • Pre-loaded applications 
  • Factory mode testing 
  • Google services 
  • Other software configurations upon request 


Rugged Mobile Hardware Customizations

  • Logo screen printing 
  • Rubber case options 
  • Plastics color – pantone options 
  • NFC/RFID capabilities 
  • System on chip (SOC) options 
  • Flexible operating systems 
  • SDK software 
  • RAM options 
  • COM port 
  • Camera flexibility 
  • Battery/power options 

To read more about our available rugged mobile devices and to review our selection, review our Custom Mobile Device ebook here

Additional Medical Display & Tablet Resources  


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