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AGDisplays offers medical-grade displays that are easy to integrate into virtually any engineering project, and we customize specifications to meet your requirements.

The Medical Industry may seem particularly challenging to accommodate LCD specifications. Medical needs call for high contrast, high resolution images in high-ambient-light environments (e.g., operating rooms, intensive care unit, emergency rooms, and more). When an LCD or touch screen is working correctly on our instrumentation, we may not think twice about it or notice it's even there. When our LCD or touch screen panel is failing impeding operations or access to data, we tend to notice right away.

With high quality medical displays, you benefit with:

  • Auto Luminance Stabilizer: delivers consistent viewing experience over display lifetime.
  • High Bit LUT: ensures smooth tonal transitions, accurate mid-tone reproduction and improved border delineation.
  • Uniformity Compensation: reduces differences in luminance distribution over panel
  • Front Sensor: allows accurate grayscale calibrations and validations in accordance with DICOM Part 14 GSDF
  • Hardware Calibration: precise, defined and loss-less reproduction, outperforming any results obtained by a simple software calibration.
  • Self-Calibration: one-touch calibration and reporting of luminance, color temp, and gamma. OSD driven- no need to connect to a PC.
  • DDC/CI: remotely adjust display parameters such as contrast, brightness, color adjustment, recall default, black level, backlight and auto image adjust.
  • Ambient Sensor: display luminance adjusts automatically to ambient light conditions
  • Adjustable Stands: height/swivel/tilt--optimize viewing angle in horizontal and vertical orientations.
  • Fanless Design: reduce accumulation bacteria and dust inside the display
  • Dynamic Scaling: ensures high fidelity, distortion free visualization and precise video/imaging representation regardless of native picture format.
  • Product Quality Report: multi-stage QA process, ensuring compliance with industry standards like IEC60601-1, EMC, AAPM, JESRA and DIN 6868-157.

Here are just some of the LCD services AGDisplays provides for your medical equipment:

Installing a cover glass can be enhanced/treated to strengthen, promote sunlight readability, ruggedize, protect from EMI interference, and enhance optical functionality to the benefit of your specifications.Read More...

Block electronic interference between your panel and surrounding equipment with easy integration solutions. Typical EMI solutions involve installing a metal box for protection; AGDisplays has several effective mesh solutions to avoid intruding on electrical components.Read More...

With an LED upgrade or brightness enhancing film integration, we easily increase panel brightness without having to replace your whole unit. Our high bright LED backlight solutions decrease power consumption and increase brightness output. Customizable to your panel requirements.Read More...

We offer a full range of custom bonding solutions from non-invasive integrations to robust designs. These solutions improve LCD optics, increase strength and prevent screen shattering.Read More...

Select from a variety of film enhancements to increase your LCD’s functionality and versatility. Our film products are retrofitted into any sized LCD.Read More...

Dead pixel policies vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are thousands, if not millions, of pixels in every panel. Our service provides zero pixel inspections and certificate of conformance documents for your panel.Read More...