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Commercial grade LCD displays and turnkey solutions on balance valve on-off gas production to sub-sea line on wellhead platform.

Industrial LCD Displays and Custom Display Solutions

Industrial applications often include extreme environmental factors, anywhere from extreme hot and/or cold, to heavy humidity to blowing sand/dust. When equipment calls for LCD display integrations, LCDs likewise need to be able to withstand the rough applications. LCD displays often come as an off the shelf integration. Often times an industrial application requires specific design requirements where standard displays can’t fill. AGDisplays provides LCDs and LCD solutions that accommodate this need. 

Our displays and solutions go into heavy agricultural equipment, entertainment equipment, automotive service equipment and serve many more industries. Our reliable displays range from small to large size; this may include open or closed frame monitors, LCD displays and digital signage. With value adds like touchscreen integration, rugged coverglass solutions and display-strengthening bonding techniques, your displays are quickly upgraded to meet your project requirements.  Our solutions are not only available for newly purchased LCDs but we offer them for your existing LCD equipment. 


LCD Industrial Application Solutions

  • Off the shelf industrial LCD displays 
  • Rugged tablets & smartphones with customizable options 
  • Touchscreen designs and integration 
  • Quality control testing 
  • Strengthened coverglass solutions 
  • LCD component kitting & assembly 
  • Optical, tape and OCA bonding 
  • Zero dead pixel inspection & documentation 
  • EMI mesh shielding integrations 
  • Performance film enhancing integrations 
  • Controller & cabling design assembly 
  • Drop in LCD replacement on existing designs & equipment 
  • Certification of EOL panels 

 On top of solutions, we offer extended lifecycle warranties and inspection services for even more equipment protection. To learn more about industrial display solutions, please refer to our ebook here

Industrial LCD Products

  • Open and closed frame displays 
  • Rugged mobile tablets and smartphones 
  • Touchscreen displays 
  • 3D holographic displays & fan displays 
  • Glasses free 3D displays 
  • Transparent LCD displays 
  • Bus digital signage 
  • LCD blackboards & interactive whiteboards 
  • Touchscreen tables 
  • Video walls 

For more information on our LCD products and solutions, please refer to our online Digital Library. 


Public Health Sanitizing Systems

Digital sanitization systems installed in your place of business promote sanitary conditions while building trust between your brand and your customers. Marketing messages captivate their attention while customers pause to cleanse their hands. In addition, our Temperature Measurement & Face Recognition Monitors can be used in your place of employment for aid in disease prevention and control. 

Industrial Ruggedized Smartphones & Tablets

A rugged tablet or rugged mobile device is an industrial device that has been enhanced with protective features that allow it to perform in the most extreme or hazardous environments. These devices feature specific certifications like the MIL-STD-810G drop rating, and ingress protection (IP) designations. AGDisplays offers off the shelf options or customizable features as noted below. 


Rugged Device Software Custom Features

  • Start up screen customizations 
  • Part number change 
  • Flexible setting options 
  • Applications pre-loaded 
  • Testing modes 
  • Google service set up 
  • Custom requests 


Rugged Device Hardware Custom Features

  • Custom logo printed on device 
  • Rubber casing options 
  • Pantone plastics color 
  • NFC/RFID options 
  • SOC options (system on chip) 
  • Windows/Linux/Android operating systems 
  • SDK software 
  • RAM options 
  • Camera options 
  • Battery and power flexibility 


To read more about our available rugged mobile devices and to review our selection, review our Custom Mobile Device ebook here 


Additional Industrial Display & Tablet Resources

Here are just some of the LCD services AGDisplays provides for your industrial equipment: 

Man touching commercial off the shelf LCD touchscreen display

Commercial Off the Shelf Products

AGDisplays offers hundreds of commercial off the shelf products for purchase. We focus on offering quality open and closed frame LCDs, tablets, and digital signage displays. Our selection expands into touchscreen tables, specialty displays, OLED displays, character modules and more.Read More...

Technician repairing component or LCD display peripheral

Industrial Repairs

AGDisplays repair virtually all aspects of LCD technologies so that our customers do not have to replace whole units for minor repairs. We perform a full diagnostic analysis for each repaired unit to ensure quality assurance.Read More...

Abstract image of LCD lifecycle support and lifecycle management

Lifecycle Support

LCD lifecycle support is a service for customers who have panels in need of component replacement parts. AGDisplays follows strict supply chain practices and well-maintained databases that lead to ultimate quality and customer satisfaction.Read More...

Soldier using a rugged LCD display in computer laptop

OCA, Optical and Tape Bonding

We offer a full range of custom bonding solutions from non-invasive integrations to robust designs. These solutions improve LCD optics, increase strength and prevent screen shattering.Read More...

LCD passive and active films, reflective film surface coating

Passive and Active Film Enhancement

Select from a variety of film enhancements to increase your LCD’s functionality and versatility. Our film products are retrofitted into any sized LCD.Read More...

Close up of pixels on an LCD display

Zero Pixel Inspection

Dead pixel policies vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are thousands, if not millions, of pixels in every panel. Our service provides zero pixel inspections and certificate of conformance documents for your panel.Read More...