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Technician installing high bright LED rails into LCD display

Drop in Replacement Service

When your LCD display has broken, needs replaced or simply needs a technology upgrade, and you have design/equipment elements to consider, you will want to look for a replacement part instead of replacing the unit.Problems may arise when you are sourcing the new panel from your original manufacturer.For example, by the time your panel has degraded, your LCD may be end of life, making it difficult to source;original manufacturers may be charging premium prices for their replacementLCD parts.AGDisplays offers a drop in replacement service for customers who need to replace an LCD or LCD component when their original panel/part is unavailable;this service is also for customers who are looking for a cost effective, suitable replacement or upgrade to their existing LCD. AGDisplays offers availability of standard or custom high-quality LCDs of virtually all shapes and sizes.

Replacing or upgrading the LCD component of your equipment sounds intimidating. It is rather simple if you begin your search with AGDisplays. By simply providing us with your panel part number, general specifications (if possible) and any other upgrade requirements or desires that you might have, we source these products for you or we can source an equivalent replacement, as desired. Using a replacement LCD does not compromise on quality and compatibility;we ensure functionality and performance are top priority because we know how critical the LCD interface is for your application.

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End of Life LCDs

You may receive notifications from your original equipment manufacturer about your LCD panel. There are a couple of announcements to pay attention to. The most important two are the end of life (EOL) announcement and the end of sale date. The end of life announcement will officialize a future cease production date for the indicated part number. It may also indicate the end of sale date, which is the last date customers are able to order the product through the manufacturer. After this date, the product will no longer be for sale. Typically end of life announcements come six to twelve months before the last time buy date. A few months later is when your last time buy will ship.

End of life LCD display drop in replacement

If you decide by this point that your equipment is well suited to use the LCD replacement, you may want to grab these panels when they get into the last time buy phase. If you find yourself ready to upgrade after EOL and last time buys have passed, don’t fret.A drop in replacement unit extends the lifecycle of your unit in the case of EOL or unavailability of original parts. Products are matched for compatible integration without compromising quality. AGDisplays offers a full line of compatible replacement industrial LCD display systems. When your design requires an upgrade in features but you still want to retrofit the LCD into your existing equipment, AGDisplays works together with you, discussing requirements and performance options. Our experts have an eye on the safety and longevity of your electrical components. We source alternative panel with same specifications to replace the panel in your equipment. Our drop in replacement LCD displays are selected carefully, with safe and stable compatibility in mind.

At AGDisplays, we have global sources with preferential pricing from our vendors. We verify continuity of supply for steady demand so you are assured your products will be available when you need them. Our International Procurement Office in China verifies these resources and quality of the companies we do business with;we have a secure list of trusted vendors with whom we maintain current business practices. Samples are always tested and verified before placing large orders. Our competitively priced products are sourced in a timely and efficient manner, so your company never misses a deadline.

In addition to the replacement, we offer warranty protection, so you have no need to worry about lack of quality or failed expectations.

AGDisplays provides our customers with the opportunity to replace LCD or components so you can avoid having to spend big bucks to OEM companies. With AGDisplays, our customers receive unparalleled attention and support without the hefty price tag that you may get elsewhere.

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How to Determine if You Need to Replace Your LCD

LCD broken closed frame

There are many signs an LCD will give the user to indicate that it may be due for replacement or upgrade. Even users who are not LCD experts will be able to tell when it is time to replace.

Outwardly, your LCD will show physical signs of damage such as a cracked or scratched, foggy or contaminated screen.Mostly, these damages are quickly noticeable to the naked eye and the first obvious sign that your panel may need a replacement. These are clear indications that the outside of your LCD has been damaged and is in need of evaluation or replacement. The application environment will determine the urgency in which you’ll want to replace the LCD. Cracks in the LCD may leave the LCD vulnerable to contamination and dust, which in turn can extend damage and/or decrease visual readability of the display.

Most LED technology estimate LED lifetimes to be upwards of 100,000 hours of useful life. This works out to be about six hours of usage a day—and 45 years of service, whew! So one can assume that LCD components will fail before the LED backlighting system will degrade. However, degradation does happen with long term usage. If your LCD is looking less bright than it should be, it is possible that a component in the display’s backlighting system needs replaced or upgraded.

LCDs that are broken internally may only show a black screen, a white screen, or even show no data when turned on. Other indications will be white/grey/black discoloration spots (called mura) of the display itself when it is turned on, regardless of the data/color that is shown on screen.

Another indication of a dying LCD aredamaged pixels. If you notice a small speck of white or black on your screen that does not go away, even as the screen changes, you may have a damaged pixel or two. There are a few different types of pixel defects, hot, stuck and dead pixels. Hot pixels present themselves as always ‘on,’ they always appear white in color. Dead pixels are always ‘off,’ and look black at all times. Now a stuck pixel is either stuck ‘on’ or ‘off’ so they may appear the same as a hot or dead pixel. These (sometimes) are solved by switching from bright to dark colored screens quickly to unstick these. However, this isn’t a reliable treatment for stuck pixels.

If you’ve notice defective pixels on your LCD screen, do not panic! Some manufacturers have a standard in which it allows a certain amount of pixels in production. Overall, if the LCD in question has an increased rebellion of pixels, whether hot, dead or stuck, the LCD may be of low quality or the pixels are going bad.

Sometimes white, black or multi colored streaks appear running horizontally or vertically along the display. If this is happening on every screen, this is a likely sign that something is wrong inside the LCD.

Signs of LCD degradation include those missing pixels, the dimming of screen brightness over time, and even the loss of color and contrast in a display. If you need more assurance the LCD is the problem, consult AGDisplays to discuss our replacement options.

Customer Benefits

  • Warranty and production support extended
  • Lifecycle of equipment is extended with LCD replacement
  • Available sources and support for EOL panels
  • Supply of EOL or hard to reach panels
  • Supply negotiation with trusted vendors
  • Global pricing and supply management
  • BOM cost reduction
  • Cost effective alternative options
  • Safe integration is a priority to ensure compatibility;does not compromise equipment
  • Suitable upgrades retrofitted into existing design
  • Inspection service certifies EOL panels are not fraud and are up to specification
  • LCD and component solutions available for all LCDs and designs