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Panes of chemically strengthened cover lenses for LCD enhancements

Custom Screen Print & Glass

AGDisplays offers this screen print and glass service to give your display a finished and professional look. Add a hardened glass/touchscreen configuration with various ink options for logo customizations. Our custom branding allows for a unique finish to your product.Typically, screen print applications include display and touch panels;icons, lettering and logos;gauges and instrumentation and more. Screen printed images are printed by applying ink through a mesh screen to achieve a precise and crisp custom image or border.There are different cover glass thicknesses that range from ultra-thin for lightweight applications to thick and heavy for rugged applications. AGDisplays works with various types of glass and substrate options for which ever suites the display’s environment.

We offer a clean and efficient printing process with a high level of printing precision.Our screen printing is performed on a semi-automatic printer or an automated printer in a Class 1000 or 10,000 clean room, depending on project specification requirements. We offer customized color matching to meet your exact specification requirements.

For the screen printing process, we apply ink through a mesh screen to create the desired image. The ink is then cured to bond it to the substrate. This is a low-cost printing method which allows a durable and vibrant print. Screen printing allows more flexibility in terms of ink colors and thicknesses and is usually used to print on products like cover glass, display glass and EMI shielding.AGDisplays offers frit or epoxy/polyester inks for printing.

LCD chemically strengthened cover lens substrate

Epoxy/Polyester Ink

The epoxy/polyester ink type is offered in black and silver as standard but customizable colors are available. The ink is able to print as fine as 0.127 mm minimum resolution.Epoxy is a cost effective ink that may be cured at low temperatures and it shows good opacity. This ink can be used on thin glass, as it does not need tempering to adhere to the glass substrate.

Frit Ink

Using ceramic frit ink is highly durable and ideal for marine display/cluster gauge applications. The ink is resistant to an environment where corrosive salt spray and fog are a constant threat. The frit ink is offered in black and silver as standard but customizable colors are available. This ink has a higher durability than the epoxy/polyester option. The resolution may print as fine as 0.305 mm.

The frit ink is configured of three parts, giving the ink a high adhesion to the LCD’s glass substrate. Once applied, the glass is placed into a tempering oven to fuse the ceramic ink to the substrate. Overall, the three-part combination creates a permanent and rigorous print.


  1. Colored glass/ceramic frit particles
  2. Resin that holds the frit in place prior to the firing/tempering process
  3. Liquid/chemical medium that allows the ink to be applied

Frit inks are available to be applied to clear, etched, tinted or patterned glass substrates. The ceramic frits may also be applied to other coated glass. Our experts will be able to determine the appropriate ink for your application.

Frit Ink Benefits:

  • Not affected by moisture, oil, soaps, chemicals or detergents
  • Retains original appearance throughout the life of the glass
  • Scratch and abrasion resistant
  • Ideal choice for soda lime glass
  • Frit, once applied, will meet operating temperatures similar to the substrate melting points

Touchscreen and Custom Glass

Optionally integrate a touchscreen so your display performance jumps immediately to intuitive usability and ease of access. AGDisplays offers a complete touchscreen solution for integration into your LCD. A durable PCAP touchscreen OCA bonded with a cover lens and a finished border.This touch sensor is embedded behind the glass and we carefully selected OCA bonding to increase LCD/component ruggedization when installed into your LCD stack up. The increased durability does not compromise on the integrity of the display itself. The ruggedized touch sensors and cover lens combo fit panels in the range of 3.5 to 32 inches. We add a touch sensor embedded behind a glass substrate for protection. Our designs increase durability without compromising integrity of the technology.

Characteristics of OCA + glass bond:

  • Improved optics
  • Increased readability
  • Abrasion and scratch resistant
  • Increase strength and front protection
  • Stable manufacturing supply
  • Thickness range .5 to over 3 mm
Chemically strengthened cover glass for LCD display

Customer Benefits

  • Full integration with displays and touch panels
  • Increased functionality with touchscreen integration
  • Completed design with high optics and increased unit strength
  • Custom designs and manufacturing
  • Screen printing on glass or other substrates
  • High durability, long-lasting ink
  • Printed border for a zero bezel, edge to edge design