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LCD design off the shelf kiosk

Design Services

AGDisplays offers a design solution service for customers who have specific LCD needs, or who have a project involving an LCD and need to integrate an LCD into the equipment. We offer in house manufacturing as well as the ability to use our partnerships to manage both low- and high-volume production quantities. With modern facilities, AGDisplays hosts state of the art equipment. AGDisplays has a team of trained individuals, ready to deliver high-performance display solutions to our customers. Trained personnel are evaluated prior to employment and during employment on a regular basis to determine their workmanship quality exceeds the standards set by AGDisplays. Training curriculum and standards are evaluated regularly at AGDisplays by management personnel. At AGDisplays, we maintain proper and accurate documentation, setting quality control standards that place AGDisplays apart from other LCD enhancement manufacturers. AGDisplays maintains rigorous quality control systems to stay compliant with today's ISO-14001 environmental standards. The proper disposal of raw components such as: cold cathode fluorescent bulbs, TFT glass, and other recyclable items are properly disposed of throughout our manufacturing process.

Technician cleaning LCD solution
  • Multiple state-of-the-art Class 1,000+ clean rooms with integrated assembly lines
  • Team with 25+ years of Technician and Repair Experience
  • Two Oven Chambers
  • Environmental Test Chamber
  • Five Lines of OCA Equipment
  • ESD Controlled Production Floor
  • Radiometer/Photometer
  • Laminating Equipment
  • LCD De-laminating Equipment
  • Universal LCD Test Equipment

Our LCD design services encompass the complete spectrum of the product lifecycle from concept to design, manufacturing and after-market services. In order to integrate ourselves into a customer’s project and sell a complete solution, AGDisplays work to evaluation all aspects of a project to assess and prepare a well thought out process. We care about cost, performance, manufacturability, testability, and serviceability. A design on the customer’s end can be as simple as providing us with LCD requirements while AGDisplays provides a suitable customized design solution.

Off the shelf LCD open frame Off the shelf LCD open frame

We are not afraid of a challenge and will work from scratch to provide your perfect solution, whether you have simple or complex needs. Customers interface with one company rather than dealing with a different contact for each part of the project. With our full service design and repair solution, AGDisplays includes all the resources to execute the project, so your management responsibility is low and stress free.

With AGDisplays’ design service, we are working with you in the beginning of your LCD’s lifecycle, with the option for us to continue with repairs/replacements and disposal and the end of your product’s lifecycle. We specialize in retrofitting our products into your existing project; we strive to understand each client’s goals and to work together to achieve them. AGDisplays has many major partnerships that put us ahead of the game. With access to thousands of LCDs and components, our design solutions are virtually limitless.

LCD stack up digital drawing

Designing with AGDisplays may involve drawing specifications, CAD drawings, specification definition, creating a BOM (or bill of materials), and prototyping. Redesigns and improvements are prompted as necessary. All AGD teams work together on mechanical, electrical, production and logistical segments of your design. We provide samples, development prototype kits and more upon request, to assure that design specifications are matched to your project requirements. Sample products are subject to various quality testing measures to ensure project specifics are met. Customers also get a sample in-hand by request. With product understanding, our design team finalizes the design of your project or suggests improvements, as necessary.

LCD technical drawing

AGDisplays executes manufacturing and production methods; potential suppliers and subcontractors are discussed and a production schedule is created. AGDisplays handles communication with suppliers so you don’t have to. We order tools and instruct trained personnel on exact specifications to create the agreed upon design. Through this phase and every other phase, AGDisplays encourages open communication between our team and yours. Inspections on deliverables are evaluated to ensure AGDisplays is only working with quality materials. During manufacturing, various product inspections take place such as performance measures.

  • Design and engineering services: high quality and readily available support
  • Assistance from initial design through field startup
  • Project administration and management control
  • Subcontracting
  • Focus on the total integrated system
  • Considerable experience and skill in panel selection
  • Development team that provides options based on budgets
  • First article approval: quality design details and system testing for customer satisfaction
  • Inspection of final solutions prior to delivery
  • Quality functionality testing
  • Inventoried spare parts
  • Customized packaging and integration solutions for custom applications
  • Control of scheduling, forecasting and logistics
  • Lifecycle management: turnkey design support through life of unit

Customer Benefits

  • Focus on procurement efficiency and flexibility
  • Adherence to all U.S. industry standards and specifications
  • Experience and expertise in all major industries, applications, and environments
  • Experienced, highly trained technical staff, administrative support, engineering, production, assembly, and wiring personnel
  • Bundled services for efficient time and cost savings
  • Streamline communication between teams
  • Quick reaction time, less opportunity for miscommunication
  • Hassle-free design changes, as requested
  • Cost targets high priority
  • Regular shipments to destinations around the world
  • Comprehensive technician training and familiarity of quality improvement methods
  • Complete factory testing prior to shipment
  • In-house assembly, testing and quality measures, packaging and drop ship capabilities