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Toshiba Canada

In a partnership with Toshiba Canada, AGI has created a custom LCD repair tracking portal integrated into the Toshiba website. The AGI portal exactly represented the look and feel of the Toshiba website, giving the customer seamless navigation and high ease of use. On the back end, work orders flowed into AGI's Repair Matrix.

Repair Matrix

Customers sending large volumes of product to repair to AGI are provided with an informative interface to view both their past and present orders and to monitor AGI's progress throughout the entire work order process. Customers can easily view performance statistics (average turn around time, returns per month, and repair performance, and more), view historic work orders, submit new work orders, and request performance logs and reports. AGI builds trust with the customer by sharing all work order information at every step of the process.

Trending Data

With years of sales data, AGI is able to detect and analyze market trends. These trends guide both our sales and purchasing decisions, ensuring that AGI has adequate supply of high-demand parts and that resources are not wasted on slow movers. Our custom software development frees us from the limitations and restrictions of proprietary out-of-the-box software packages and allows us to explore new and better methods of managing inventory, sales, and purchasing trends.

ATOM Inventory

ATOM is a highly versatile inventory management suite. It provides both AGI and the customer access to inventory stored at multiple locations. With ATOM's BOM and Reverse BOM capabilities tracking of both parts and their components is possible. Report and planning features allow for the creation of cost effective work orders by either the customer or AGI. ATOM also includes testbed management, serialized part tracking, inventory location transfer utilities, and work order price negotiation.


PartMaster is AGI's custom part information tool. PartMaster stores all critical data about a part, including technical specifications, multiple informative images, employee-entered notes, and stock levels. Sales and purchasing statistics are readily available and can be viewed at either an aggregate level or by a customer or vendor break-down. PartMaster can link parts together, forming part relations that are used at all levels of AGI's systems. PartMaster provides quick and easy access to the wealth of part information that has made AGI such a strong competitor in the marketplace.


SmartShip is AGI's high velocity shipping module which include order status alerts, serial number scanning, picked part verification, and customer shipment notification. Custom labels, paperwork, and emails are generated on a per-customer basis. Integrated with FedEx and UPS software, SmartShip is the ultimate shipping solution.